Sakai Wikipedia Edits

Based on a suggestion from Alice Brainerd at Johns Hopkins, I decided to start editing the Sakai Wikipedia entry. As the new Executive Director this is a good exercise–I’m certainly not as practiced as Chuck is on describing Sakai in a few short paragraphs. Luckily, the entry was a bit out of date so, even if what I’m doing won’t be “perfect,” I didn’t think I was at risk of going backwards. And, of course, I had help from Anthony Whyte.

I’ve only gotten a small start, but would love your feedback and suggestions. Or, in Wikipedia style, just start editing.

Remember that Wikipedia entries carry a copyleft license so don’t just cut and paste from any source. In fact, as part of this exercise, Anthony and I thought we would start from an OSS Watch article that Brad Wheeler wrote. We contacted them for permission (good on us), which they said they were likely to give, but wanted to review the entry first to make sure it was sufficiently different. At the end of the day, only minimally related to the potential delays related to an external review cycle, we decided not to start from the article. But it was, nonetheless, an instructive reminder of the complexity of intellectual property issues that have surfaced as a result of the growth of open source. And the need to consider these issues carefully in making decisions about Sakai…

2 Responses

  1. I like the text. It is quite adequate and current, IMHO. Some more links would be nice (links to some video’s for example).

  2. Quit good idea.

    The text looks good. If I have time I will translate it to German for the German Wikipedia.

    You can add some links to it, e.g. Sakaimaps

    Best regards

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