My First Sakai Board Meeting

The Sakai Foundation Board met on September 12th (via phone conference), which was my first board meeting since officially becoming Executive Director. It was an excellent meeting, efficient but not perfunctory, and extremely professional. In additional to the typical business of a board meeting, approving minutes and reviewing finances, there were two significant decisions I’d like to relay to the Sakai community.

First, the User Experience Initiative, which was on hold given the Executive Director transition from Chuck Severance to myself, has been reframed and is moving forward. The goal of the project is to bring new thinking to the Sakai user experience by targeting a frequently-used set of functionality for a significant redesign based on user-centered design principles and practices.

You can read more about it on the Sakai Confluence Wiki.

Second, the Board has approved moving Sakai to the Educational Community License 2.0. This license is a variant of the Apache 2.0 license and carries with it a change to the individual contributor agreements that Sakai asks contributors to sign (the CCLA 1.1). We don’t know if we’ll be able to get this work done in time for the 2.5 release due in November, but it will certainly be complete by 2.6.

You can find the language of the license and contributor agreement here.

I’m off to New York next week, where I will visit Columbia, NYU, Rutgers, Marist College and LaGuardia Community College. I’m also stopping in at Wimba. I’m sure I’ll blog about the trip ( as well as having an entry for the next newsletter. I also hope to catch a baseball game as the Mets and the Yankees are both in the hunt for a playoff berth. Until then….Go Tribe!


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