Sakai Foundation Board Election Results

I’m pleased to announce the results of the recent elections for the Sakai Foundation Board of Directors. The new board members are Lance Speelmon from Indiana University and Josh Baron from Marist College. Jutta Treviranus was also re-elected to another term. Please join me in offering congratulations to all three of them.

Most of you know Lance from his extensive work in the Sakai community at Indiana University, one of the founding (and largest) Sakai institutions. His experience and expertise will certainly be valued by me, the Sakai Foundation staff and the other members of the BOD. Truth be told, we already rely on his insights and advice, and it’s terrific that we’re able to force him to meet with us on a regular basis. Thank you, Lance, for offering to serve the community in yet another capacity.

If you’ve been following the pedagogy discussions, the work to get Sakai running on the IBM stack, or conversations about running Sakai at smaller Liberal Arts schools, then you’ll probably have encountered Josh Baron. Given that most of the current and past board members come from large enrollment and/or research institutions, I know we will value the diversity in perspective that Josh will bring. His focus on teaching and learning also indicates the increasing importance of this voice in community discussions. Welcome, Josh, we all look forward to working more closely with you.

I’m also very pleased to continue to have the advice and counsel of Jutta. Beyond the important contributions she has made as an individual, her reelection underscores the strong relationship between Sakai and the Fluid Project, for which she serves as principal investigator. Welcome back, Jutta!

Finally, I want to thank all the candidates who participated and give special recognition to Carl Jacobson from the University of Delaware who (again) ran the elections process on behalf of the Foundation. We appreciate it, Carl.


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