Two new Sakai Foundation Members

If you were in Newport Beach you probably heard my announcement on Wednesday morning of the two newest Sakai Foundation members, both from outside of North America, which is really great news.

First, TIDIA-Ae from Brazil. TIDIA-Ae is a Brazilian e-learning Research project founded by FAPESP (São Paulo State Research Agency) involving 20 research laboratories with more than 150 researchers participating in activities. Professor Wilson Ruggiero is the principal investigator of the project and you can find out more about the initiative on their website.

I’m also pleased to announce that HuaZhong Normal University in China has joined the foundation as a member. HuaZhong has an
enrollment of approximately 30,000 students  and is based in Wuhan in central China (note lack of detail in Google maps!). The Sakai activity at HuaZhong is centered at the Engineering Research Center of Education Information Technology (EITEC),  a National Center of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The director of EITEC is Professor Yang Zongka, who is also one of China’s leading e-learning experts and a Vice-President of HNU. HuaZhong will be hosting the first Sakai China Workshop on March 1st of 2008.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Sakai Foundation I’d like to thank both organizations for their membership. Please join me in welcoming them into the community.


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