Sakai and e-Portfolios in K-12

I sometimes get asked about K-12 uses of Sakai. What I tell people is that we’re very interested in K-12 applications of Sakai and there are some examples of usage in the K-12 world, but that the current development resources are focused on Higher Education. So right now Sakai’s K-12 (or P-80 as I think Sam DiGangi at Arizona State put it to me one day over lunch) activities should be focused on building a working group and assembling potential development resources. There’s a lot of great potential here and one entry-point into the K-12 worlds is through e-portfolios, as exemplified in Rhode Island by the RINET Educational Portfolio System, a project which is supported in part by The rSmart Group, a Sakai Commercial Affiliate .

Steve Foehr of RINET attended the K-12 BOF in Newport Beach where he mentioned the possibility of a K-12 focused Sakai meeting. I’m extremely pleased to see that has become a reality! The conference will take place on April 8th and 9th. It looks to be a great event for anyone interested in Sakai, K-12 or e-portfolios. Exact location is TBD, but I’m assuming it will be in Rhode Island and, therefore, not very far away :-). You can find out more at their conference website or if you would like to receive information regarding registration, please email

I should also mention the LaGuardia Community College ePortfolio Conference that is taking place just after the Rhode Island event, on April 11 and 12 in New York City. As you probably know, LaGuardia is one of the national leaders in e-portfolios so this promises to be an excellent place to be as well. Since portfolios are certainly one place where Higher Education and K-12 needs overlap, I would expect to see some of the same folks at both events, especially given the relative proximity of the two locations. Make your plans now for a nice week in the Northeastern US. The weather is generally terrific that time of year and Providence and NYC are both great cities to visit.

Portfolios, in fact, are probably the most natural bridge from K-12 to higher education (and beyond). While there are different reasons institutions adopt portfolios, the portfolio ought to belong to the student, not the institution, and they (we!) should be able to keep them throughout their (our!) lives. So this is a place where getting all the needs built into the product isn’t just a nice idea, it is really required for long term success.

In any case…if you interested in K-12 activities within Sakai you can visit the K-12 wiki space and join the collaboration site (, you need to self-register at to send/receive emails).

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  1. The conference is scheduled to be held at The Hyatt Regency in Newport, Rhode Island.

  2. […] which need to follow students from K-12 through college and beyond. I’ve blogged about this […]

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