My First Build of Sakai (thanks, Zach)

With a little help from the excellent tutorial videos that Zach Thomas of Aeroplane Software has produced, I just completed my first successful build of Sakai (version 2-5-0_RC_01b).

Local Sakai Build

I’ve also set up Eclipse and am starting play around with that environment. It’s been a long time since I wrote any code and the development enviornments I was most familiar with was Macintosh Common Lisp and Smalltalk/V for Windows back in the mid-1990s. This was pre-internet, more or less, and almost all the programming I did involved desktop applications. I was always impressed with the MCL development environment, with a text editor called FRED (standing for “FRED resembles emacs deliberately) and good commands for finding, for example, everywhere a particular method was called. I’m interested in seeing how things have progressed in the last ten years….

Don’t worry, folks, I won’t be committing code anytime soon. Megan won’t let me. The main purpose of this post is to say “thanks” to Zach for providing such nice tutorials. Check ’em out….


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