eTech Ohio

I just returned from the eTech Ohio annual conference, where I was a featured (not keynote) speaker. My talk was fairly well attended given that it occurred during the lunch slot, although nothing compared to the overflow attendance of the morning’s keynote speaker, Ray Kurzweil, who I’ve admired since my days of studying artificial intelligence. The conference was extremely well run, the staff was very helpful and the exhibitor floor was large (maybe half the size of Educause). I saw Wimba on the floor and stopped by the Blackboard booth but nobody was there.

eTech Ohio is government agency that supports K-12 technology. In addition to running one of the largest educational technology conferences in the Midwest (over 6000 attendees and an exhibitor floor that looks about half the size of Educause, actually), they partner with their higher education counterpart, the Ohio Learning Network, which has helped a number of Ohio schools run Sakai pilots. The partnership between eTech and OLN has recently taken form in, among other things, the Open Learning Partnership Ohio. Check them out.

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Sakai UX Improvement Project gets rolling!

I’m extremely pleased to announce, after a extensive selection process, that Nathan Pearson has been selected as the lead for the Sakai UX improvement project. Nathan is an experienced UX designer with previous Course Management System and Sakai experience. Nathan is based in the Phoenix, Arizona region and has previously worked with both rSmart and Unicon. You can find out more about Nathan’s background at the UX Improvement Project wiki page.

Please join me in congratulating Nathan and welcoming him to the community…