Sakai Fellows Program Restarting

After a year of benign neglect due to the transition between Executive Directors, the Sakai Fellows program was a bit stalled. I’m pleased to announce it’s revival, however, in time for a new set of 6 nominees to get special recognition at the Sakai Conference in Paris. I’ve update the existing wiki page for the program, but here is a quick summary:

  • There will be 6 fellows per year. These can be contributors to Sakai in any area, from code to UX to evangelism.
  • Terms will be 1 year and the stipend will be $2500. Conference registration fees will be waived.
  • The terms will start with the summer conference and go through the next summer’s conference.
  • We would like to make the announcement of the fellows in time to actually make it to the conference.
  • Nominations are due by April 30th.

Getting the fellows nominated and selected in time for Paris will be a bit of a challenge. But please submit your nominations via email directly to me. You can find the nomination form here.

We also need volunteers to sit on the selection committee. So if you’d like to volunteer to review applications, please let me know!


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