University of Delaware Adopts Sakai

UDel logoI’m very pleased to announce that the University of Delaware has officially announced that they will be moving from WebCT to Sakai! The University of Delaware has been contributing to Sakai for a number of years. I’m personally thankful to Carl Jacobson for administrating the voting procedures for the Sakai Board of Directors. And Janet de Vry has recently been instrumental in getting the IBM-sponsored Sakai Teaching and Learning Award off the ground. They have also been piloting Sakai (including the Open Source Portfolio) for a number of years.

The University of Delaware is one of the oldest land grant institutions in the United States and their Fall 2007 enrollment totals 20,342. This includes 15,983 undergraduates, 3,405 graduate students, and 954 professional and continuing studies students. There are over 1,100 full-time faculty.
They have built a nice site that outlines their project. It includes a project charter, time line and a great demonstration of a Sakai course site by Professor Fred Hofstetter. This material is potentially useful for anyone considering (or in the midst of!) a Sakai implementation. They seem to have themselves well organized and the variety of disciplines involved in the project is certainly impressive.

We are obviously thrilled to have Delaware become and even bigger part of the Sakai community. One of the best things about Sakai is the community support that is available to organizations undertaking an implementation and I’m sure they will find this extremely valuable too. Please join me in welcoming them to the group of Sakai “production” institutions!


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