Brock University Adopts Sakai

Brock University Logo

I was pleased to see an announcement from Brock University’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies (CTLET) that they will be moving from WebCT to Sakai between now and the 2009 academic term. Brock, located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, has an enrollment of 17,000 students. Brock University was founded in 1964.

Brock conducted a formal pilot, complete with student and faculty surveys. They’ve build a very nice site describing their pilot, including results from their surveys. One nice tidbit is that 50% of students in the pilot found Sakai either “better” or “much better” than WebCT (another 22% found them “about the same”). While we’d like that number to be even higher, I think it is a testament to the Sakai development community that it has been able to build such a capable system so quickly (Brock appears to be running Sakai 2.3.1). We all have lots of criticism of Sakai and are working to make it better. But we should also remember, amid our criticisms, that we have a capable, usable enterprise system. We wouldn’t have the opportunity to critique the system if it wasn’t being used…

In any case, we hope to see them at the 9th Sakai Conference in Paris. Remember that submissions to the conference are due Friday, April 11th. I’d encourage the folks at CTLET to submit a presentation proposal describing their pilot process.

Congratulations to Brock! Please join me in welcoming them to the Sakai community.


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  1. […] and the announcement we (Me, iMatt and we, Brock University) actually got scooped by another blog,, that probably read our non-announcement confirmation statement that we made to facilitate some […]

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