Stanford Women’s Basketball

stanford athletic logoSo those of you from outside the United States probably don’t really understand the mania involved in major college athletics here. And I’m normally immune to most of it, but I have to admit a strong loyalty to my undergraduate institution, Stanford University, and especially the women’s basketball team. (Stanford is a founding member of the Sakai Project so I’m using that cover to slip this entry into my blog. It’s a pretty weak justification but the video below is worth watching.)

I began following the team in the late 1980s when they were absolutely terrific. The won the national championship in 1990, the year I left Palo Alto for Evanston. The best player was Jennifer Azzi, who also won an Olympic Gold Medal. She was pretty impressive on and off the court.

In any case, Stanford has another star player this year, who just might eclipse Jennifer Azzi in the hearts of even us older Stanford Cardinal fans. Candice Wiggins, who just won the Player of the Year award, has been really great on the court, of course. But she also gives a great post-game interview (this after the win over Maryland to reach the NCAA Women’s “Final Four”):

Stanford faces Connecticut today at 7pm Eastern Time and the winner will play in the championship game on Tuesday. I’ll be watching, even if Stanford loses (Connecticut is favored to win).

Go Cardinal!


2 Responses

  1. It will be Stanford vs. Tennessee in the championship game on Tuesday! For those going to the Rhode Island Sakai Conference, you know what I’ll be doing Tuesday night….

  2. Dear Michael,

    I have a blog about Stanford Women’s Basketball. Check back for updates on Stanford, or I would love it if you would want to publish a link to us.
    C and R Stanford Women’s Basketbal Blog

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