JA-Sig Spring 2008 Conference

Well it seems like a long time ago now but the JA-Sig Spring Conference was a big success from my perspective. This was pitched as a “Community Source” event and included participants from a variety of higher education open source projects including:

  • uPortal
  • CAS
  • Sakai
  • Internet2
  • Fedora Commons
  • dSpace
  • Kuali
  • Fluid
  • Bedework

For me, as a (relatively) new executive director of one of these projects, the opportunity to meet and interact with members of all these communities in the span of a few days was fantastic. I’m not sure how the more technical folks felt about the interchange but my guess is they found it equally rewarding. I wouldn’t be surprised if this type of event were repeated next year. Although, please, let’s find a place where it doesn’t snow in May 🙂

There were a number of Sakai presenters, including Jason Shao, Chuck Severance, Chris Holdorph, Janice Smith, Michael Feldstein, Ben Stoutenburgh and Anthony Whyte. I also sat on three panel discussions. So overall our community presence was quite strong. Many of the presentation materials are available on the JA-Sig Conference wiki.

And of course we held Sakai project planning meetings on Thursday and Friday. I thought they were very productive. You can look forward to updates from me and others who attended those sessions in the coming days….


One Response

  1. I completely agree that this was an amazing success – because we did not also have a massive Sakai conference as a distraction – we were able to focus on the important issues. Also having the three days of JA-Sig before the Sakai meetings allowed much discussion to happen in hallways with small groups to explore ideas and options to bring into the larger meeting.

    As you say, having a Sakai track at JA-SIg was just enough presentations to allow us to outreach across open source higher education communities without having the stress of six tracks – all Sakai – all the time.

    The meeting in Paris in June will be great because it will be all about Sakai – but we will all be very busy during that meeting – it will be harder to get mind space to plan development.

    All in all – this was the most productive developer meeting that I can remember.

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