Sakai Foundation Quality Assurance Director

If you follow the Sakai lists you may know that Megan May, Sakai’s director of Quality Assurance, has been offered a promotion at Indiana University and thus, will be stepping down from her role in the Sakai community. Megan has been working 50% for IU and 50% for Sakai–a situation that was not sustainable in the long run.

Those of us who have worked with Megan over the past years and months are obviously disappointed that she won’t be full time with the Sakai Foundation, but I’m pleased to report that  her duties at IU will mean that she is still working on Sakai and will stay involved in the community. We are still working on a transition plan but rest assured, Megan will be helping us get ready for the release of Sakai 2.6 and will participate on the search committee for her successor.

That means we now have an open position for a Quality Assurance Director at the Sakai Foundation.  I am excited to announce that after conversations with Megan and others in the community, this position will now be fulltime as a part of the iniative to increase resources and attention on software quality!  I will be posting the job description sometime tomorrow. As usual, this position can be as an independent consultant or the Sakai Foundation can reimburse an institution for the employee’s salary and benefits for the duration of the appointment. If you’re interested in pursuing this, please see the official job posting on LinkedIn and send me a note.


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