rSmart at Educause

rSmart Logo

As you may have guessed if you read this blog regularly, I’m doing a series of posts about Sakai Commercial Affiliate activity at Educause. Today I’m featuring rSmart.

As usual, rSmart has a booth on the trade show floor (#942) and I was pleased to see that they have developed a special Sakai Adoption Package. As you may know, rSmart has packaged up and branded a set of Sakai tools that their customers most commonly want. They call is the rSmart Sakai CLE. By having a standard set of tools across customers, rSmart can more easily install and support Sakai. The Sakai Adoption package allows you to have a complete enterprise Sakai CLE running for your campus in 2 to 6 weeks. If you’re thinking about Sakai I encourage you to stop by the rSmart booth and learn more about this option.

rSmart has also produced a series of Sakai Case Studies.  These feature schools that have successfully deployed Sakai. Some are rSmart customers, some are not, so they aren’t just an advertisement for rSmart services. I think they are very well done and worth checking out. You can download them here.


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