Sakai Board Election Results

I’m pleased to announce that John Norman (Cambridge) will be continuing as a Sakai Foundation Board member and Stephen Marquard (Cape Town) will be joining the Sakai Foundation Board of Directors.

This year’s slate of candidates was impressively accomplished and diverse–a real testament to the vibrancy of the Sakai community. I want to thank all of those who were willing to serve the Sakai community and in congratulating John and Stephen. The transition officially occurs with the first board meeting in 2009, currently scheduled for January 15th.

Thanks also to the election committee, Joseph Hardin, Mary Miles and especially Carl Jacobson, who again ran a smooth elections process.

Finally, special recognition is due to outgoing board members Chris Coppola and Mara Hancock. They have been instrumental to Sakai as both board and community members. I’ve benefited personally from their insight and advice and have always appreciated the approach that each of them took. I’m certain the rest of the board members feel the same way and will miss their regular presence on our monthly calls. So, Chris and Mara, on behalf of the foundation and the community: “Thank you.” We hope your community leadership will continue.

Happy holidays everyone!


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