2009 & Computers

If you sent me an email in the last couple of weeks you may have gotten an auto-reply that my computer was in the shop for repairs. Well, I got it back on Tuesday night. All good.

Today I was scheduled to go to Amsterdam to work with Alan Berg on the forthcoming Sakai Book and to visit with the University of Amsterdam. My train was scheduled to leave from Gare du Nord in Paris at 18:25. I got to the station at about 17:45 and stopped at a snack bar for a sandwich. Finding my backpack a bit heavy, I set it down at my feet while I ate. Halfway through the sandwich I decided I should check the departure board and packed up the remaining half. I reached down to grab my backpack and….gone!

With my newly repaired (and recently backed-up) computer. And my passport. And my US mobile phone. And about $60. And charging cables for my computer and both mobile phones.

So…a new computer for me after all. And a chance to find out how you replace your passport quickly. Need to have it before I leave for the Sakai Board retreat.

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  1. […] my trip to Amsterdam was cancelled when my computer bag, containing computer & passport, was stolen. More on her visit in another blog post, but I can’t resist sharing the following text […]

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