Sakai Community Survey

Courtesy Ikhlasul Amal

CC Copyright by Ikhlasul Amal

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you know we are planning a Sakai Foundation board retreat in February. To help collect input from the community we’ve developed both individual and organizational surveys. These surveys focus on the types of contributions folks are making to Sakai and how we can improve both the amount and effectiveness of those contributions.  It is not a survey about what the product should do–it is a survey about how we are organized and how we work together.

We’ve tried to keep the surveys brief, but there are areas for open-ended responses so the time to complete the survey will vary somewhat. We estimate between 15 and 30 minutes. Probably slightly less for the individual survey. I hope you’ll take the time to fill one out.

We’ve engaged an outside consultant (Kim Thanos) to review and summarize the survey responses and we intend to eventually publish the overall results to the community. If and when we do so it will be aggregate results only and the community won’t have access to individual responses. The survey does ask for your name and, although it is not a required field, we hope you’ll provide your real name so that Kim can contact you directly. And so we can be sure we’re getting results from real people in the Sakai community.

We would like to make the responses available to the board of directors.  If you want to fill out a survey but don’t want your name to go the board that’s fine. Just supply your real name and put “(anonymous)” in the same field. That way we’ll know to remove your real name before supplying the information to the board.

Here are the links to the surveys:

Individual Survey

Organizational Survey — Please, only one of these from each institution, unless there are really different groups who are contributing to Sakai independently.

We will be closing the survey at 5pm Pacific Time on Thursday, February 5th so that Kim has time to prepare the data in advance of the board retreat on February 9th & 10th.  So please complete the survey ASAP.

Thanks to Kim for preparing the survey and a special thanks to Ross Gardler of OSS Watch for his valuable input.

I hope we hear from you.


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