Release, release, release…

This was a big week for Sakai releases. First, the Sakai 2.5.4 maintenance release is finished and, once a little more testing is done on the release artifacts, we’ll be making a formal announcement of its availability. When we started the process of formal maintenance releases, we weren’t sure how many in the community would appreciate these efforts because we though many were just following the maintenance branch. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the practice, however, and the Sakai community is beginning to rely on the maintenance releases, which is great.

Also, Sakai 2.6.0 Beta has been released and is appearing on QA servers.  The 2.5 series is also where we first introduced the formal beta and release candidate releases (see related post from 1 year ago). Of course there is no use for a beta version if you don’t have someone willing to run the software and, again this year, we all need to thank University of Cape Town for playing this role. In concert with the maintenance releases, we believe the quality and reliability of official Sakai releases has never been higher–an important goal for the Sakai Foundation over the last year. Hopefully this is helping everyone spend more time on high value activities on campus…we know this is critically important in these difficult economic times.

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