Oracle Academic Enterprise White Paper

I’m really, really late in my review of this, but better late than never, I suppose.

In any case, Oracle’s Academic Enterprise Solutions Group (AES) recently published an excellent white paper that is definitely worth reading even if you aren’t (and don’t intend to be) an Oracle customer. While many in the group undoubtedly had a hand in the authoring, I think it is safe to say that Michael Feldstein led the charge as evidenced by his blog post on the subject.

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Blackboard and D2L Patents

The Blackboard/D2L patent fight seems to entered another chapter in recent weeks. Desire2Learn has recently announced that Blackboard has again brought suit against D2L in Texas.

The basis of this suit is a new patent that Blackboard was awarded recently. The patent isn’t really new but is a continuation patent based on the original one that was at issue in the first lawsuit (and in the patent re-examination requests by both D2L and the Software Freedom Law Center). You’ll remember that the re-examination initially resulted in all claims of that patent being rejected. As part of this process Blackboard is able to change the wording of the patent to make it acceptable to the USPTO.  Apparently they’ve done so successfully. Continue reading

Recording of Sakai Process Webinar

I’ve been persuaded that the recording of the webinar isn’t so bad.  So here you have it:

Sakai Development Process Webinar

Yesterday I held the first webinar about the proposed Sakai development process. There were 30 participants in the Breeze session (I still can bring myself to call it Adobe Acrobat Connect) and, counting those who were sharing a PC, I estimate about 40 people attended the session.

There were a few technical glitches. For some reason the Breeze server wouldn’t accept my PPT deck, so I conducted the meeting in screen sharing mode. And then Lance accidentally turned off the voice channel which meant nobody could hear me. Because I was in presentation mode in PPT I couldn’t see everyone’s chat messages letting me know what was going on. About 8 minutes later I figured it out and I started again. This threw me off a bit and, needless to say, I’m not that pleased with how the recording turned out. I think I’ll re-record something instead of distributing yesterday’s session. (I’ve changed my mind about this!)

Here are the slides and the chat transcript and a recording of the session. And the proposal itself.

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Sakai Development Process

The Sakai Foundation and Board of directors is proposing a new development process for Sakai and would like your feedback. As you may know, the board recently conducted a 2-day retreat focusing on the strategic direction for the Sakai Foundation, especially with regard to how it should use its resources to support the Sakai community development process. Over the last few weeks, we have been working on recommendations for changing the development process.

The attached white paper documents these recommendations. The Sakai Foundation will be working to enact this process and we are eager for your feedback and suggestions for improving the general framework we’ve outlined. So please feel free to send your feedback to the lists or directly to me.

I will also be scheduling a few webinars in the coming weeks to present the development model and to allow for real-time discussion.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Download: Sakai Development Process 2009

Sakai in South Africa

South African Flag

I spent a few days last week in Cape Town, South Africa.  It was too short a visit (as most Sakai trips are) and definitely whetted my appetite for another trip.  The South African Sakai community organized a 2-day meeting in Cape Town. The particular timing of the meeting was chosen in part due to Anthony Whyte’s annual trip to Cape Town to both spend time with the Sakai folks there and to ride in the Argus bike race.  Clay Fenlason was also on hand, mostly on holiday visiting some friends of his from the Peace Corps. All told, the Sakai Futures Symposium on Thursday March 5th attended by around 50 people from the following organizations:

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More Sakai in Spain

Samoo logo

My recent post about Sakai in Valencia contained one small mistake (now corrected).  I referenced Setival as a company providing commercial support for Sakai in Spain. This is halfway correct. Setival is one of two companies–the other is Pentec SL–that is working to provide Sakai support under the brand name Samoo. So if you want to know about commercial support of Sakai in Spain, the name you should be remembering is Samoo.

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