More Sakai in Spain

Samoo logo

My recent post about Sakai in Valencia contained one small mistake (now corrected).  I referenced Setival as a company providing commercial support for Sakai in Spain. This is halfway correct. Setival is one of two companies–the other is Pentec SL–that is working to provide Sakai support under the brand name Samoo. So if you want to know about commercial support of Sakai in Spain, the name you should be remembering is Samoo.

Here’s a quick bit of information from the folks at Samoo:

Samoo provides technology services or advice to any company or organization in any sector of E-Learning solutions.

* Advice on technological training systems LMS.
* Implementation of systems according to customer requirements.
* Tool developments on Open Source LMS systems.
* Tools integration on LMS training systems.
* Monitoring technological E-Learning communities.
* Design and develop educational content.
* Repositories for companies and educational organizations.
* Support and personal attention to system administrators training LMS.

Samoo is supported by an experienced team in E-learning systems, continuously engaged in open source communities and is kept updated at all times on developments that occur at the E-learning sector due to the constant training they receive.

Nowadays the team of Samoo is facing the implementation of the Sakai LMS on the “International University of Valencia” VIU


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