Radford University & Sakai

Radford Logo

In case you missed it in the Sakai newsletter, rSmart announced that Radford University is beginning the process of using Sakai. Their initial focus is eportfolios. Here is the full announcement:

rSmart would like to welcome Radford University to the Sakai community as one of the most recent rSmart Sakai CLE support customers. Radford University, located in Virginia, is a public, 4-year institution with nearly 9,200 students. Radford is rated a Top 20 Public Master’s University in the South by the U.S. News & World Report and is identified as a 2009 “Best College in the Southeast” by Princeton Review.

Initially Radford plans on using Sakai to power eportfolios. The portfolio project is coupled with a re-design of their general education program to include a “core curriculum”.  The first part of Radford’s new core curriculum (aptly titled Core A) is comprised of four classes that emphasize development in written communications, oral communication, critical thinking, and technology/information literacy.  The school decided to require all students completing Core A to create a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate success in these four classes. As conversations around the new core continued, it was further decided that the portfolio would be electronically maintained and should dovetail with the learning management system. After better understanding Sakai through rSmart’s configuration and implementation process, the school may also consider Sakai for broader usage on campus. “The rSmart Sakai/OSP bundle fit nicely with our needs and was the choice of the Core A steering committee,” says Charley Cosmato, Assistant Director, Technology in Learning Center. “The Sakai community has produced a great product and the one week ‘coffee & donut’ session with rSmart here on campus to get Sakai running was heaven.” rSmart would also like to acknowledge Serensoft’s important role in this exciting new project.

Please join me in congratulating Radford and welcoming them to the Sakai community. Hopefully will see them at the 10th Sakai Conference in Boston.


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