Sakai Development Process Webinar

Yesterday I held the first webinar about the proposed Sakai development process. There were 30 participants in the Breeze session (I still can bring myself to call it Adobe Acrobat Connect) and, counting those who were sharing a PC, I estimate about 40 people attended the session.

There were a few technical glitches. For some reason the Breeze server wouldn’t accept my PPT deck, so I conducted the meeting in screen sharing mode. And then Lance accidentally turned off the voice channel which meant nobody could hear me. Because I was in presentation mode in PPT I couldn’t see everyone’s chat messages letting me know what was going on. About 8 minutes later I figured it out and I started again. This threw me off a bit and, needless to say, I’m not that pleased with how the recording turned out. I think I’ll re-record something instead of distributing yesterday’s session. (I’ve changed my mind about this!)

Here are the slides and the chat transcript and a recording of the session. And the proposal itself.

That said, I think the session was a success overall and the proposed new process was received positively. In an informal poll of participants the vast majority viewed the proposal favorably (although many wanted more details) and only 2 expressed doubts that the process would work. I hope to hear from these two, whoever they are! The biggest questions, as expected, were around the composition and function of the product council. There were also questions (and lots of excitement) about the proposed maintenance team.

I also announced that I will be accepting nomination for the product council until April 15 and that the board will try to appoint the council by the end of April. I expect the council to meet once a month while we get things rolling. So please send your nominations to me at

The qualifications for the council members are in the proposal but as a quick summary of what we’re looking for:


  • A broad understanding of the Sakai product
  • The ability to advocate for the needs within his/her area of expertise and maintain a broad view of community and product needs
  • Demonstrated commitment to engage with and contribute to the community

Plus expertise in more than one of the following aspects of the product:

  • User experience, including accessibility and usability
  • Teaching and learning
  • Research
  • Software design and architectures
  • Software production management

Finally, I’ll be holding two more sessions next week.

One will be on Wednesday at 11:30 Eastern Daylight Time (US). That’s 8:30 Pacific and, because most of Europe moves clocks forward this weekend, 16:30 British Summer Time and 17:30 Central Europe Summer Time.

I’ll also hold one that is a convenient time for Europe and South Africa, but I need to confirm exactly when.

I’m also encouraging the Australian Sakai folks to propose a time that would work for them. So, if you’re reading this in Australia please let me know if you’re interested.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Michael,

    I get to a login screen for the blog for the slides and when I do log in, I get a message that I cannot edit the document. I’m unable to see the slides.


    Cheryl Johns
    Yale University

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