Changes to Sakai Foundation Staff Positions

As you probably know, we’ve recently announced changes to the Sakai development process. We’re also making some related changes to the role the Sakai Foundation plays in how it supports the community and, as a result, I am making some changes to the staff roles.  Two new positions are being created, one for a Product Manager and a one for Communications Manager. Between the two, the goal is for the Foundation to increase communication overall and to play a more proactive role in developing and executing the product roadmap.

The Sakai Product Manager will lead the new development process for Sakai and will drive both greater engagement from users and contributors as well greater roadmap predictability for adopting institutions. He or she will also serve as the liason between the community and the Sakai Product Council. This will be a challenging and invigorating role since the Product Manager will, in a very real sense, “own” the Sakai roadmap.

The Sakai Communications Manager will be responsible for both internal and external communications for the Sakai Foundation. He or she will own the content for the Sakai website and the overall organization of our wiki and other communication vehicles for Sakai. This will be a very hands on role and will involve everything from developing a communications strategy to writing lots of content.

These are both open positions and I am looking to fill them by the end of May or early June. Job descriptions for both of these positions will be posted “real soon now”.  In the meantime feel free to contact me directly if you are interested.

At the same time, the Project Coordinator position currently held by Peter Knoop is being eliminated. In the years since the Sakai Foundation was formed many things have changed and the new positions allow us to best meet the challenges of the future.  While we are still working on the exact details of his transition, Peter will likely be with Sakai through the conference in Boston and afterwards will be working at the University of Michigan. Those of you who have worked with Peter over the years know that his knowledge of Sakai is extremely broad and deep and have appreciated, as I have, his diligence and exceptional intelligence.  I want to thank him, on behalf of the Foundation and the community, for his contributions. I hope he will continue to stay involved in Sakai.

In addition to myself as Executive Director, this leaves the Sakai Foundation staff with the following full time staff roles:

  • Product Manager: Open
  • Communication Manager: Open
  • Developer Support, Release Management & System Admin: Anthony Whyte
  • Quality Assurance Manager: Pete Peterson
  • Conference Coordinator & Administration: Mary Miles

These are the “permanent” staff roles for the Sakai Foundation at this time.  We do, from time to time, bring on part time and/or temporary assistance to support certain initiatives (Nathan Pearson for the UX initiative as an example) or to complete special projects.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these changes.


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