Sakai and Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

Last year Chuck Severance mentored the first two Sakai Google Summer of Code students. This year there are three (!) accepted students who will be working with Sakai.

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Shashank Agrawal  (in-line editor for Sakai3; lead mentor Amyas Phillips)
  • Andre Leger  (OpenSyllabus; lead mentor Claude Coulombe)
  • Yuri Vishnevsky  (Annotations system for Sakai3; lead mentor Oszkar Nagy)

Thanks also to the mentors who will be working with these students and especially to Laura James from Cambridge who spearheaded the application process.  She created a brainstorming page on the Sakai wiki and the Sakai GSOC home page. I guess we should thank Google as well for sponsoring this terrific program.

Also, congratulations to Ricardo Fleck, a student who will be working on 3akai during the summer at Cambridge (outside the scope of the GSoC program). Ricardo is studying in Brazil and is very much on the UI side, and the CARET menotrs (Amyas and Oszkar) will mentor him as if he was a GSOC student.


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