Naval Postgraduate School Adopts Sakai

nps-logoIn case you missed it in the Sakai newsletter, rSmart recently announced that the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) has become part of the Sakai Community. The NPS, in Monterey, California, is a postgraduate educational institution with an enrollment of 2,500 students from the US Military, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and allied foreign military and government officials. NPS provides top-quality, relevant and unique advanced education and research programs to increase combat effectiveness of the Naval Service, other Armed Forces of the US and our partners to enhance our national security.

From the rSmart press release:

NPS is implementing the rSmart Sakai CLE to improve the educational effectiveness of its growing distributed learning enrollment by giving faculty members more flexibility in how they conduct their distributed learning classes. Additionally, Sakai is being used to help NPS researchers coordinate their collaborative research efforts with other educational institutions and Department of Defense organizations. rSmart, through its configuration and implementation process, assisted NPS in installing an instance of Sakai that met all functional and security requirements. “rSmart’s expertise was instrumental in configuring our Sakai instance in a way that balanced our functionality and security concerns. With their help and support, we are able to more quickly deliver a more functional instance of Sakai than we otherwise would have been able to,” says Jon Russell, Manager of Educational Technologies for NPS.

Congratulations to NPS. We hope to see you at the 10th Sakai Conference in Boston.


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  1. Yes, we’ll see you in Boston. Looking forward to becoming part of the community!


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