Seton Hall Piloting Sakai

logo_setonhallThere’s been a discussion on the Educause CIO listserv recently, prompted by Blackboard’s acquisition of Angel, about alternatives to commercial course management systems. Overall the discussion was quite good but I was surprised to see that some folks still operate under the assumption that “open source” means “do it yourself.”  That’s one of the reasons I was pleased to see the rSmart announcement that they were supporting Sakai at Seton Hall.

Here’s the quote that caught my eye:

“The experience of using an open-source product can be daunting unless you can partner with an organization that can guide you along the path to success,” says Paul Fisher, Director, SHU Teaching, Learning and Technology Center.  “rSmart has met all of our expectations. Having their support and expertise has had a tremendous impact on our ability to quickly get the software up and running and efficiently get our technologists up to speed on a completely new learning environment.”

The other reason I was pleased, of course, is that I’m always thrilled to hear of another institution joining the Sakai community. You can read the full announcement on rSmart’s website.


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