Sakai Book Announced!


About a year ago Alan Berg tapped me on the shoulder (figuratively? I don’t remember exactly) at the Sakai Conference in Paris and said he wanted to write a book on Sakai. We had lunch at the Jardin des Pâtes (recommended by Jean-François Lévêque) and discussed the idea. I’m very pleased to inform you, 10 months and 400 pages later, that Sakai Courseware Management — The Official Guide is officially available! The author royalties will be going to the Sakai Foundation.

The book lists Alan and I as co-authors, but this hides a lot of detail. Alan wrote many more pages than I did. By far. And, in true Sakai fashion, many in the community contributed substantially to the effort. Margaret Warner edited much of the book for clarity and consistency of language. Josh Baron wrote a chapter on the Sakai Teaching and Learning award. Tony Atkins, Aaron Zeckoski and others reviewed substantial portions of the content. And I know I’m leaving many others out.

I’ll provide more detail in a later post (maybe I’ll get Alan to guest blog), but wanted to get a quick post out to the community before someone beat me to it…..


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  1. Congratulations – great work Alan and Michael! I presume the book will be for sale at the Boston conference?

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