Sakai Summer Institute from rSmart

I read with interest rSmart’s announcement of a Sakai Summer Institute.  These are half-day webinars that will help faculty get courses up and running for fall semester (that’s fall here in the Northern Hempishpere…or at least in the US, as our friends in the UK prefer ‘autumn’). There is no charge for the event, which struck me as very welcome (and generous).

Here’s a brief description taken from their website:

During this half-day online workshop, attendees will create a pilot course in a live, hosted instance of Sakai. Participants will learn to build content, assessments, and encourage collaboration with Sakai tools. They will learn how to configure Sakai tools and course permissions and add students into the course. At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a course built that they can run for an entire semester.

More details can be found on the rSmart website, but it looks like they will be holding two sessions. You can sign up for one on either June 30th and or on August 31st.

Fresh information from rSmart.  The June event is almost full, but there is a 3rd in-person event being held at the Campus Technology Conference in Boston. More details here.


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  1. Michael,
    Thanks for announcing this. Our June event is nearing capacity already. However, I wanted to add that there is a third event that we’ll be hosting *live* at the Campus Technology conference in July (in Boston). Click here for more details.

    So there are really three Sakai Summer Institute opportunities– 2 virtual events in June and August and one in person event at the Campus Tech conference in Boston. We look forward to providing these training sessions to those who can attend.

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