Sakai Executive Brief

Last week the Sakai Foundation distributed (it went to Sakai Foundation member reps initially) the first installment of a Sakai Executive Brief that we plan to publish every 6 months. It is focused on providing organizational managers and executives with a brief overview of what has been and what will be happening in Sakai. Those who already follow Sakai closely won’t find a lot new in here but, even Sakai insiders may find it useful for communicating with stakeholders on campus.

These briefs are one component of an increased focus on communication at the foundation. Formal communication channels have become increasingly important as we now hold conferences approximately every 12 months. Early efforts to develop Sakai 3 – a completely new version of Sakai – increase the importance of understanding what is happening in Sakai and how you can participate and benefit. You’ll be seeing a variety of new ways to get information and provide feedback to the Sakai Foundation in the coming weeks and months. In particular, I’d love to hear what you’d like to see addressed in these executive briefs and in other forms of communication. You can always reach me at

One quick note. There was a small delay between finalizing the attached brief and my creating this blog post. We have announced the initial membership of the Product Council mentioned on page 5. The list of members and more information can be found on our wiki.


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