Ian Boston named Sling Committer

One of the fundamental “cultural” ethos behind the Sakai 3 effort is to adopt other open source projects (and work with their communities) when we could rather than writing our own code.  To make this work, of course, we need have reasonable confidence that the future direction of any of these projects is compatible with the future of Sakai. The best way to do this, in classic open source fashion, is to contribute to the project.

As you may know, the K2 project (the next generation Sakai Kernel) has adopted Apache Sling as its foundation. Ian has been active on the Sling lists in the past months and has been making contributions to the project. Recently Ian was named as a committer on the project. Here’s the announcement from Felix Meschberger, an existing committer on Sling:

Ian Boston has been active on the Sling mailing list since April 2009 and has made sustained contributions of good code in the last few
months, is giving helpful help and advice and regularly participates in technical discussions.

As a result, the Sling PMC voted to make Ian a committer in the Apache Sling project.

Please join me in welcoming Ian!

This means that Ian can add code to the project and can vote on a variety of technical issues. The is a great milestone for K2 and for Sakai–it provides further assurance that Sling will meet our needs in the long run.

Congratulations and a huge thanks to Ian for his contributions to Sakai and Sling!

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