Sakai Release Process Proposal

Clay Fenlason, the newly installed Sakai Product Manager, has been busy. Following conversations at the 10th Sakai Conference, he has drafted a release process proposal, which focuses on the release process for 2.x over the next 10-12 months. From an email on July 24th, Clay says:

My plan is to continue to develop/refine this proposal with comment from the community over the course of the next week, and if no ‘blocker’ disagreements emerge in discussion, I will act to coordinate the ‘Next Steps’ laid out in the proposal fairly quickly. Some of the details in the proposal can be revised as we go, but I’m eager to get started and allow as much time as possible to follow through on its aims, so I’ll urge eveyone to take a close look and offer up questions and comment as soon as they can.

If you’re interesed in this I encourage you to get your comments out on list (or in wiki or to Clay directly) by the end of this week (August 2!). Feedback is certainly welcome after that point, but Clay plans to start working on the “Next Steps” next week.

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