Sakai 2.6.1 Released

I’m happy to announce the release of Sakai 2.6.1. This maintenance release provides a set of bug fixes, language/locale updates and performance enhancements that improve upon the Sakai 2.6.0 release. Over 200 issues have been addressed by 2.6.1. Roughly half involve bug fixes while the remainder involve textual updates to language translation property bundles. In particular, important fixes have been applied to the Assignment, Chat, Portfolio, Tests & Quizzes and Site-manage tools while updates for Catalan, French, Russian, Spanish and Swedish translations have also been provided.

Sakai 2.6.1 utilizes core service updates provided in the recent Sakai kernel (K1) 1.0.12 maintenance release. Portfolio users will appreciate a performance enhancement made to the kernel’s Content Hosting Service that reduces portfolio assembly times. You can see a list of all Kernel changes included in this release on the Sakai bug tracking system.

For access to the source code and documentation, please see the Sakai 2.6.1 release page.


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