As of March 15, 2010 I am no longer the Executive Director of Sakai. See this post for details.  I’m keeping the site around for historical purposes.

I’ll be using this space to occasionally write about my Sakai-related activities and thoughts. My goal is not to create another place you have to go to follow Sakai, so most of the content here also appear either in the Sakai Newsletter or on the Sakai-based collaboration forums.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Michael,

    I am trying to decide on a CMS/LMS platform for a company I’m starting up. I am looking for a platform that would work equally well for tutors and teachers. I am looking at Sakai and Moodle as solutions and I was wondering what are the advantages of Sakai over Moodle. If you’re not the right person to answer this question, would you be so kind to point me to someone who could help me?

    • There are a few differences worth mentioning:
      1. Sakai is written in Java; Moodle is PHP.
      2. Sakai’s vision includes research collaboration and portfolios; Moodle focuses more on teaching.
      3. Sakai uses an Apache 2.0 license variant; Moodle is GPL.
      4. Sakai has not central development organization (the schools do all the work); Moodle HQ drives a lot of Moodle development
      5. Sakai is almost always integrated with other enterprise systems; Moodle is often run as a standalone app.
      6. The Sakai community is mostly Higher Education, with some K12; Moodle includes more K12 and corporate training uses.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for highlighting the differences. Basically I face the same “Moodle vs. Sakai” dilemma now (I have a bit of experience with Moodle but am new to Sakai). The institution in question is a business school, so the focus is not as much on course tracking, assignments and grading (and not even SCORM, although this would be an important addition to Sakai) but rather on collaboration, discussion, project management.

    I’m trying to analyze Sakai’s advantages in terms of collaboration/social networking (if any). Could you please point me to relevant resources? What is there in Sakai which cannot be done, well, in Google Sites (sorry if this question sounds too awkward)?

    Also, the rest of IT at the institution is based on Sungard products (Banner/Luminis). How easy is it to integrate Sakai with these? Any useful examples?


    • Andrei, I encourage you to post this to the Sakai email lists. Collaboration is a strength of Sakai as is integration with enterprise systems like Banner. You can find information about joining the lists here.

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