Unicon Market Research Session at Educause

Unicon has been invited to organize a Market Research session at this year’s Educause conference. This is an interesting and innovative program that the conference organizers are piloting this year. As I understand it Unicon is one of three companies invited to participate, the other two being SunGard and Google, so this is a big honor and a big deal for both Unicon and the entire open source community.

I encourage you to attend this session and then head over to the Open Source reception….read on for more information

What: EDUCAUSE Market Research Session on Open Source: “The Future of Free”
When: Wednesday, November 4th, 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Where: Denver Convention Center, Korbel Ballroom 4 C&D

Unicon invites you to a special session at EDUCAUSE where your opinion counts. We are trying to find out why your institution has or has not adopted open source solutions.

EDUCAUSE 2009 is providing a new pilot program aimed at creating impact for the higher education market. The activity is called Market Research Night and takes place at the EDUCAUSE 2009 Annual conference from 5:30pm – 7:00pm on Wednesday, November 4th. Unicon is honored to be selected as one of only three companies to be involved directly in this activity.

While the other companies selected will be finding out what is best for their products, we have decided to gather primary research about “why or why not” institutions select open source software. Today’s economy requires decisive moves by institutions to implement more cost effective software applications. Our goal is to discover why institutions select open source or the impediments posed in the selection process. All research out of this session will be shared with you and the open source communities.

This event does unfortunately overlap partly with the Educause Open Source Reception, which is 6:15pm – 8:00pm. If you are planning to attend the reception, we hope you will start your evening with this event first. Looking forward to seeing you all in Denver!


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